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Listed here you will find sites that were either designed by, or sites where was involved in a consultant role.

Designed by

  Red Racing
   A work in progress for, this site will focus on South Florida's premeire "Harleys-Only" bike shop. This site includes cutom-designed graphics, an online photo gallery which will show off the various bikes the shop has customized, an events calendar, various magazine articles about the shop and their custom rides, and a FOR SALE section where bikes on consignment at Red Racing will be available for purchase.

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  Luke Marks
   Only five-years-old and ripping it up in the water and on the track, Luke Marks is a South Florida phenom! This site incorporates created custom logos, background graphics, slick transitions and more! Featuring photos of Luke in action, a listing of his sponsors, and powerhouse video this site shows it all off!! With the addition of a guestbook and a short bio of his younger brother (who is also involved in extreme sports), this site showcases Luke in all his glory!

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   Still in the planning stages, will bring you the best in scrapbooking supplies, ideas, and helpful hints! Once fully developed, plans to be NorthWest Georgia's hottest place for all your scrapbooking and craft needs!

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  Cafe Metropole - Philadelphia, PA
   Quietly tucked away in one of Philadelphia's suburbs, Cafe Metropole was the only "hometown" coffeeshop on the web out of Narberth, PA. Bringing the locals only the best in imported and specialty coffees, Cafe Metropole had quite a following. The shoppe did so well, in fact, the owner was able to sell the business and comfortably retire overseas. This site incorporated custom-designed graphics with a slick hidden interface to allow employees the ability to check their work schedules online without giving it away to the general public!

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  Teach 'Em Right!
   Welcome to the online classroom of Dr. David Robbe. This site is a continuous work in progress. During the school year, this site is updated daily by to reflect the happenings inside the classroom. This site includes news articles about the group of students involved, photos of events, and other information needed by Dr. Robbe's students.

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  The Love Doctors
   This is the Official website for South Florida's #1-rated Talk Show. Not your father's brand of talk show, The Love Doctors are on-the-air by the seat of their pants with no call screeners, and no set topic of the day. This site allows the viewer to hear the show live over the internet, see photos of various Love Docs appearances, browse through a list of famous people the Docs have had on the air, leave a mark on the message board, drop the Docs an email, keep up on Love Doctors news, enter contests, and more.

  WZZR 92.7 FM
   From 1996-2001, we designed and redesigned this South Florida Radio Station's website. This was the first Radio Station in South Florida with a website due to our involvement. Station was purchased by Clear Channel Communications, which took over design and maintenence duties.

  Coffeehouse USA
   Site design included description of complete line of Ready-To-Drink beverages, management team bios and photos, industry news and information, and a detailed investor relations section which included press releases and stock ticker information.

   Still in the design stage, this site will allow the internet viewer to research Derby Horses that are available for syndication investments. This site will contain detailed information on each horse, jockeys, and trainers.

  Southern Building Products
   With four plants in Florida, Southern Building Products is the largest truss manufacturer in Florida. This site promotes their various plant locations, has employment opportunity listings, introduces the viewer to the members of management.

  Metropolitan Management Company
   Pennsylvania-based property management company. This site boasted the most in-depth and detailed look at MMC's many properties. Each community had their own slide-show and amenity listing. Renters could also fill out a form on the website and have it instantly show up on the screen of the Maintenance Director. This was a feature-filled website that both potential and current residents found invaluble. as Consultant

  Airwave Publishing
   This site offers the viewer a place to learn about breaking into the Radio or Voice-Over business.

  Transgender Process
   This site takes the viewer through the life of a young man who, through self-exploration has decided to become a female. Using both humor and a caring touch, this site shows the ups and downs of making such a life-altering decision.

  WBBE 101.7 FM
   Now-defunct radio station, assisted in the creation of several graphics and specialty scripts.